About Us

An established, innovative and solution-oriented Australian based law firm, Tan & Tan provides first-rate legal solutions and services over a range of legal matters. Our multi-lingual lawyers are able to answer any of your questions. We speak English, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese) and Bahasa Melayu.

We value our close and longstanding relationship with our clients and will work with them to anticipate and resolve their individual needs – whether commercial or personal. Your matters are handled from start to finish by our close-knit team of professionals.

Tan & Tan’s experience with domestic and international commercial and legal matters gives us a dynamic edge that will ensure the best outcomes for our clients in this increasingly globalized and complex world.

Tan & Tan’s professional methodology is geared at achieving the best outcome for each client, and is based on these five pillars:


Our firm takes a unique, solution-based approach to its practice. We have designed and now utilise our proprietary online platform which enables us to provide very efficient and high quality legal services to you from anywhere in the world. further to that our affiliated offices all around the world and are able to represent and advise you on cross jurisdictional matters.